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Universal Series R410A A-Coil

Universal Series R410A A-Coil

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Universal A-COILS 

The NEW Universal® A-Coil is a versatile and adaptable option to perfect your home’s comfort level. Pre-charged with R-410A refrigerant, this superior component can be installed in upflow, downflow, or horizontal right positions to ensure it can be adapted to your system. Plus, that same installation can be quick and easy when paired with the optional MRCOOL® No-Vac® Quick Connect® line sets.

Designed as a perfect match for the MRCOOL Universal condenser, however, the Universal A-Coil has the versatility of also being able to be paired with an existing furnace or modular blower already in your home. Ready to upgrade? Make it a complete system by pairing a Universal A-Coil with our Signature Series Modular Blower or Signature Series 95% AFUE Gas Furnace for maximized efficiency.

Benefits and Features

  • Quiet Operation
  • Versatile Installation Options
  • Quick Installation 
  • Standard 24 Controls
  • Equipped with Multiple Protection Safeguards
  • Special Liquid Pipe Design That Reduces Excessive Condensation

*There are only 2 A-Coil units, the 2-3 ton ( MDUCC15024036) and the 4-5 Ton (MDUCC15048060). The specification are broken down as usage for 2-ton, 3-ton, 4-ton, 5-ton based on the size of the condenser it is paired with.


Universal Series A-Coil Brochure
Universal Series A-Coil Manual


Universal Series A-Coil AHRI Certificate MDUCO18024036 -  MDUCC15024

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