Collection: Quick Ship Fire Features

Light the Fire, Fast: Quick Ship Fire Features for Instant Warmth

Craving the crackle and glow of a fire feature, but don't want to wait weeks for the warmth? Our Quick Ship collection is your answer! We've curated a selection of fire pits, fireplaces, and other fire features that are ready to ship out ASAP, bringing the cozy ambiance to your backyard in no time.

What is Quick Ship? Quick Ship products have faster lead times than other variations of the same products! 

But wait, there's more to the ember than meets the eye! Not all variations of each fire feature are included in the Quick Ship program. Be sure to check individual product descriptions for availability and specific lead times. 

Turn up the outdoor ambiance, fast! Our Quick Ship collection ignites the mood with fire pits, fireplaces, & more, ready to ship ASAP!