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Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric Accessories

Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric Accessories

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Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric Recess Kit

  • Created to seamlessly integrate your Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric units.
  • These unique recess kits allow for flush-mounting in roof cavities as small as 10", allowing them to service spaces with ceilings between 8' and 11' 6" above floor level.
  • Kits include parts and hardware needed for recessed mounting of the Tungsten Electric series to easily install the heater so that it does not interfere with streamlined aesthetics.


Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Tube Suspension Kit / Electric Mounting Poles

  • The Tube Suspension Kit / Electric Mounting Poles ensure that your Tungsten Electric Heater will be suspended at just the right height so that it delivers optimum heat levels.
  • Available in 3' length in either black or white.
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