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Rectangular Stainless Steel Covers

Rectangular Stainless Steel Covers

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Looking to use a little more table space in your Fire Pit or Fire Bowl? The Stainless Steel Cover is the right product!

These Stainless Steel Covers are placed on your product's burning area quite simply their easy-to-use handles.

In order to find out which size Stainless Steel Cover your Fire Pit unit needs, you must add 2" to the current burning area of your Fire Pit!

Example #1:
Burning Area: 30" x 10"
Windguard Size: 32" x 12"

Example #2:
Burning Area: 42" x 10"
Windguard Size: 44" x 12"

If you do not see a Stainless Steel Cover size for your Fire Pit unit, please contact us at Sales@FirePits.Store and we can quote you on a Cover that's right for you!

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