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Hay Stack Fire Tower

Hay Stack Fire Tower

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Hay Stack Fire Tower
This tower is more than just show & tell. It"ž"s unique design has a unique flame that TWIST rising to the TOP. Available in Black Powder Coat, Copper or Powder Coated Metal. The Tower uses TOP technology making your Flame rise high and twist. Ever seen a twisting flame?

Dimensions: 48" x 48"
Height: 72"
Wight: 450 Lbs.
BTU: 40k
Material: Black Powder Coat
Finish: Brushed Finish

  • No Fire Glass Required
  • Items Included: Burner, Key Valve, Key, Gas Hoses, Glass Panels.
  • Propane Tank Storage: Not available.

'Match Lit or Electronic Ignition'

  • Available in Black Powder Coat or Powder Coat Colors ($500+ can be added as it's been made)
  • Includes Burner
  • Includes Key Valve Installed
  • Includes Surrounding Glass

Made in USA

Specification Sheet(s)

Hay Stack Fire Tower - Specification Sheet

Match Lit Fire Pit Installation Guide

12V Electronic Ignition Manual

110V Electronic Ignition Manual


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