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Gast Fire Globe Buerner Ornament

Gast Fire Globe Buerner Ornament

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Diameter: 12"
Height: 12"
Inlet: 1/2"
BTU: 75k

Diameter 18:
Height: 18"
Inlet: 1/2"
BTU: 125K

Diameter: 24"
Height: 24"
Inlet: 1/2" 
BTU: 175K

The  collection of ornaments are a unique way to add personality to any of your fire features. They are suitable for both fire pits and fireplaces and install easily. Some of T.O.P's ornaments replace your unit's burner and other ornaments simply sit on top of
the burner. Any of the ornament can be made by costume sizes or shapes that adapts your needs!

Stainless Steel Construction. Male Connections

Made in USA

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