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Di Napoli Series DIY Built In Oven

Di Napoli Series DIY Built In Oven

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Di Napoli Series DIY Built In Oven

HPC's Forno de Pizza hybrid oven was founded on the belief that some of our best experiences in life are spent with our friends and family. Cooking together with fire brings a powerful connection to the foods you're sharing.

The Forno de Pizza oven honors timeless styling cues from ancient Greece while marrying it with modern conveniences. Designed to cook more than just pizza, it's an oven for the food enthusiast.

The Di Napoli E.I. Series is a built-in, enclosed, dual fuel with electronic ignition oven that can be installed in a permanent structure with the use of a chimney. Design your own outer shell and take advantage of Forno de Pizza oven's electronic ignition for easy start ups as well as continuous controlled oven operation. This oven comes assembled with the hearth, oven, enclosure, a chimney stack, and arched front making it ready for immediate installation.

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