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Deck Installation Kit (EI, FPPK, & MLFPK)

Deck Installation Kit (EI, FPPK, & MLFPK)

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Deck Installation Insulation Kit

This kit is needed when installing a gas fire pit on a wood or composite deck. It provides flame and excess heat protection around input flex line connection(s).

The basalt insulation is for inside the fire pit enclosure or bowl and should be placed over a layer of paver blocks (1"� min. thickness). Incoming gas stub must protrude through the deck, paver blocks and insulation for fire pit flex line connection.

Kit includes basalt insulation and instructions- basalt insulation measures 39.3"� x 39.3"� (1 sq. meter)- larger fire pits will require more pieces. The insulation is easily cut with utility knife.

FPI-DECK20SQ - For Fire Bowls - Includes basalt insulation: 19.6" x 19.6"

FPI-DECK39SQ - For Fire Pits - Includes basalt insulation - 39.3" x 39.3" (1sq. meter).

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