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Napoleon Hearth

Ash Disposal Kit for Wood Stoves

Ash Disposal Kit for Wood Stoves

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Napoleon Ash Disposal Kits for S-Series Wood Stoves 

The Ash Disposal Kit is a heavy duty accessory that has high endurance and resistance. With the Ash disposal Kit it make it easier to clean your wood stove after a fire, while the disposal makes it work keeping all the ash in a same place making it simpler to clean up.

The Ash Disposal Kit comes in different version so you can choose the option that fits your needs.

  • Regular Ash Disposal Kit for S20 Series - ADS20
  • Regular Ash Disposal Kit for S25/S30 Series - ADS2530
  • Ash Disposal Kit Leg Model for S20 - EP20LAD
  • Ash Disposal Kit Pedestal Model for S20 - EP20PAD


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