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12V Electronic Ignition Valve System (Low Voltage)

12V Electronic Ignition Valve System (Low Voltage)

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12V (Low Voltage) electronic gas valve kits, come with an Electronic Valve, a Pilot Igniter, and a Transformer ready to wire. Also compatible with automation systems.

Stainless Steel Plate serves as Heat Shield if NO PAN is installed.

Our pilots use an hot surface igniter (HSI) for pilot ignition and a thermocouple flame sensor to ensure the feature is lit properly and stops gas flow if the flame is ever blown out. The electronic valve is rated for temperatures between -20°F - 175°F (-28°C - 80°C). The valve enclosure includes an LED diagnostic light to indicate proper operation and to help ease trouble shooting.

CSA Certified - 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Units are compatible with TOP-500EIS-007-008 which is the root (main) part number.

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