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Briggs & Stratton

PowerProtect™ DX 26kW Home Standby Generator

PowerProtect™ DX 26kW Home Standby Generator

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Get the ultimate home backup power solution with the PowerProtect™ DX 26kW Home Standby Generator. This powerful and reliable air-cooled generator can supply enough energy to power your entire house, including heavy loads like air conditioners. Say goodbye to outages and hello to uninterrupted living. Protect your home, increase its value, and you may even be able to lower your insurance premiums with PowerProtect.

Suitable for Off-Grid use or Demand Response Programs.

 Running Watts (Liquid Propane) kW*** 26
Running Watts (Natural Gas) kW** 24
Running Amperage (Liquid Propane) Amps** 91.7
Running Amperage (Natural Gas) Amps** 91.7
Voltage 120 / 240
Circuit Breaker Amps 125
Engine Displacement (cc) 993
Motor Starting Capability (kVA) 41 (13% Voltage Dip)
Assembled Length (in.) 46.5"
Assembled Width (in.) 26.8"
Assembled Height (in.) 28.4"
Assembled Weight (lbs.) 540
Normal Operating Sound 65 dBA
Fuel Consumption (LP) (50% Load, BTU/hr)*** 235,000
Fuel Consumption (NG) 50% Load, BTU/hr)*** 206,000
Limited Warranty (Years)† 10-Year Comprehensive


**This generator is rated in accordance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 2200 (stationary engine generator assemblies) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standard C22.2 No.100-14 (motors and generators).

***Fuel consumption rates are estimated based on normal operating conditions. Generator operation may be greatly affected by elevation and the cycling operation of multiple electrical appliances - fuel flow rates may vary depending on these factors.

†See operator’s manual for complete warranty details.

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