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Napoleon Hearth

Ascent X 70 Series Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces - GX70

Ascent X 70 Series Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces - GX70

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Ascent X 70 Series Direct Ven Gast Fire Places - GX70

Impressive Fire

The Ascent™ X 70 gas fireplace offers you a wide range of heat output and control with a remarkable flame/heat adjustment. The Ascent™ X 70 boasts one of the most impressively solid towering flames that produce a remarkable presence that can not be ignored. With a large viewing area, a realistic PHAZER™ log set that is rich in color and detail and Napoleon’s exclusive NIGHT LIGHT™, the Ascent™ X 70 is a one of a kind fireplace that you will be proud to have friends and family gather around.


Height: 34 5/8"
Width: 35
Depth: 18 1/2"
Glass/Viewing Height: 23 11/16"
Glass/Viewing Width: 30 11/16"

Model  (1 of the following unit is necessary to continue unit order)

  • Natural Gas Electronic ignition Direct Vent - GX70NTRE-1
  • Propane Electronic Ignition Direct Vent - GX70PTE-1

Decorative Panel ( 1 of the following Decorative panel is necessary to finish order)

Name of Decorative Panel - Code

  • Decorative Brick Panels Old Town Red Herringbone - DBPX70OH
  • Decorative Brick Panel Old Town Red Sstandard - DBOX70OS
  • Decorative Brick Panel Sandstone - DBPX70SS
  • Decorative Brick Panel  Westminster Standard - DBPX70WS
  • Decorative Brick Panel Westminster Herringbone - DBPX70WH
  • Decorative Brick Panel Newport - GD869KT
  • MIRRO-FLAME Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panel - PRPGX70

Additional Parts And Accessories (Optional)

  • Black Heritage Decorative Safety Barrier - H35F
  • Black Zen Decorative Safety Barrier - Z35F
  • Wrought Iron Decorative Surround - X36WI
  • Matte Black Clean Face Decorative Surrounds - CFF
  • Scalloped Wrought Iron Decorative - GX725WI
  • Black Surround with Operable Safety Barrier - GX427K
  • Black 3 " Premium Belleved Trim Kit - BT35K
  • Black 3" Trim Kit - TK35



  • PHAZERAMIC™ advanced burner technology with infrared ember bed, produces the most radiating
  • flames in the industry
  • Realistic PHAZER® logs, rich in color and detail, provide a real infrared wood log appearance
  • 100% SAFE GUARD™ gas control system automatically and quickly shuts off the gas supply for your
  • peace of mind
  • Superior heat circulating blower with variable speed and thermostatic control provides powerful
  • heating performance
  • Heavy duty door
  • Built in adjustable flame and heat control
  • Optional decorative accessories available
  • Optional AMBIENT-GLOW metal fibers are designed to enhance the glowing embers on gas fires

Ascent X70(GX70) Featured Card
W415-2371 Ascent X70 Manual - GX70
W415-2767 Ascent X Owner Manual
W415-1894 Specification Sheet
W415-1680 GZ600KT Blower Installation 
W415-1805 DBPX70 Decorative Brick Panel Kit Installation

W415-1560 GX725W Premium Scalloped Steel
W415-1549 Porcelain Reflective Panel Manual
W415-1515 Front Installation
W415-1238 Heritage Decorative Safety Barrier

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