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Taking Care Of Your Gas Fire Features

Proper care and storage of your fire feature is key to keeping your product working perfectly for years! Proper maintenance and care can start as early as installation.

This information is useful whether using a Fire Pit, Fire Table, Fire Bowl, Fireplace, or even your own DIY Fire Feature.


Your gas fire feature should be inspected by a certified technician prior to initial use to ensure a proper first-time usage. Inspecting and ensuring all of your gas connections and any electronic components (if applicable) are properly connected is useful for avoiding any potential hazards that may also damage your unit.

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One should examine their burners and burning areas to clear any debris that may hinder gas from coming out of your fire feature.

Clearance from combustibles is important in the installation process. Your fire feature should be at appropriate lengths away from any combustible materials for your safety and the safety of your property.

Flooring is also important as your fire features should be installed on non-combustible flooring. Due to the presence of fire, your fire feature will produce heat on its surroundings, including its inner parts. Should any inner component not be properly protected or installed, a fire inside will damage any combustible flooring. Should you install your fire feature on a combustible floor, non-combustible floor paneling must be installed underneath your fire feature for added protection.


There are several accessories that are very useful in helping you protect and maintain your Fire Pits or Fire Bowls in perfect conditions!

Canvas Covers

canvas cover round

There are outdoor-rated canvas covers available in a wide variety of sizes. These canvas covers are made to withstand the elements and protect your unit from falling debris as well as many weather conditions. 

Be sure to use the cover AFTER the fire feature has cooled off. Applying the cover while your unit is still hot may damage or burn it.

Stainless Steel Covers / Lids

stainless steel cover

 Stainless Steel Covers are very useful when you do not want to fully cover your fire feature, but still want to use the table space or would like to protect the burning area and burner from any falling debris.

Propane Tank Enclosures

Propane Tank Enclosure - Stainless SteelPropane Tank Enclosure - ConcretePropane Tank Enclosure - Powder Coat

You can also protect your propane tank! Enclosures with removable lids are available for propane tank storage. These enclosures are additional protection for your propane tank from any falling debris or other weather conditions that can possibly damage your tank which could cause a gas leak or any issues in proper operation of your fire feature.



Due to the nature of fire features and products that use gas, it is HIGHLY recommended that a qualified technician perform any service on your fire features. Certain repairs on products may void your product warranty so it is always useful to check prior to committing to a repair.

Always turn off your gas when your fire feature is not in use.

For questions or concerns regarding any products available please contact us at info@firepits.store or call us at 619-268-5513

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