Direct Vent or Ventless Fireplaces - Which Is Best For You?

Direct Vent or Ventless Fireplaces - Which Is Best For You?

Thinking of getting putting a gas fireplace in your home, but not sure whether to go with Direct Vent or a Vent-Free unit? Here is some information to help you decide!

Direct Vent Fireplaces

Direct Vent fireplaces must be vented to the outside of your home - that can either be through a chimney or piping to the exterior of your home. Because of the use of vents, your air quality is not harmed as any effects from combustion are led outside through your vent system. This happens as air is drawn in from your home to the fireplace.

Having a Direct Vent fireplace creates an aesthetic focal point in your home for those who are more design-inclined. Additional design features include having brick kits or different surround / trim designs for available for a variety of fireplaces. There are also different media available

Additional accessories such as a Blower Kit can increase the amount of heat that is pushed out of the fireplace.

Because of its very nature, a direct-vent fireplace does add additional costs in the form of having a contractor or certified technician perform installation of appropriate of your fireplace.

 Vent-Free / Ventless Fireplaces

A more affordable option when compared to the additional prices associated with Direct-Vent fireplaces, these units are quite economical and do not require venting - as their name suggests.

Being vent-free means that the heat stays inside as it burns at 100% efficiency. This efficiency is also followed by easier installation procedures. These units can also be installed in more locations as opposed to direct-vent fireplaces that have restrictions due to requiring venting.

There are restrictions in some states / counties / cities where ventless fireplaces are not allowed. Be sure to check with your local government authority on whether you are allowed to install a ventless fireplace! Some locations do allow for their installation though only with modifications made.

Because ventless fireplaces output to the surrounding area, some find the smell of a burning fireplace to be detrimental to their enjoyment. There are also health considerations to be made for people who may have certain allergies or breathing difficulties.

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The Verdict

One should consider the different aspects of both Direct Vent Fireplaces and Ventless fireplaces to know what is right for them.

Direct Vent Fireplaces Ventless Fireplaces
  • Vents provide safer outlet for any fumes
  • Generally safer for your home
  • Higher Price Point
  • Burn gas more efficiently with a higher heat output
  • More economical installation
  • Generally less costly


Both types of fireplaces can be run with either Natural Gas or Propane. Gas conversion kits are available for fireplaces if you decide to switch to a different gas source for your fireplace.


If you have questions or concerns regarding your fireplace unit, we have manuals and documents available! Be sure to also consult with an installation specialist to see what type of fireplace unit is best for you.

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